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Laila Ghambari

Our Coffee

Our staff goes through extensive training to earn the title of barista. Our educational program was developed by Laila Ghambari, the 2014 United States Barista Champion, and her focus on quality and precision is reflected in every cup we serve.
We're also proud to partner with one of the country's most outstanding roasters, Counter Culture Coffee. Since their founding in 1995, Counter Culture Coffee has represented a different way of bringing coffee to market: sourcing incredible handmade coffees directly from farmers and cooperatives, and roasting so as to bring out their unique flavors.

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A bag of a 'Apollo' coffee


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We are transfixed by Ethiopian coffees—Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, after all. And we are inspired by their floral, citrusy bright notes for the coffees that we use in Apollo.

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Big Trouble offers nutty, caramel flavors people know and love, which may seem easy—and our goal is to make it easy to enjoy in any brewer—but it's actually one of the most challenging for us, because clean, sweet, low-acidity coffees from small-scale farms can be elusive.

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We pay extra attention to decaf because we know people love it solely for its flavor. For Slow Motion, we start with great coffee—from the same farmers we work with for all of our coffees—and decaffeinate it in small batches using chemical-free water processing.

What makes our coffee different

Seattle is known as the Mecca of Coffee. Cherry Street Coffee House™ has been an integral part of developing that coveted title by serving our community for over 20 years. We stay on the cusp of innovation but always true to our roots. Every coffee drinker, or non coffee drinker, can find something to love at Cherry Street Coffee Hous.